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Treatment in shayan

The hotel complex "Blagodat" offers medical and recreational services in collaboration with the balneo-therapeutic sanatorium Shayan - the famous and unique health resort of Ukraine. The main feature of the resort is the presence of four valuable ionic-salt compositions and temperature of mineral sources of the Essentuki type (Russia), Narzan (North Caucasus), Borjomi (Georgia) and Vichy-Celestins (France).


Mineral water sources of the resort have characters and qualities like good taste, being transparent, odorless. They emit carbon dioxide and have medicinal properties when consumed. Weakly mineralized, they have relatively few sodium ions, which are harmful for the intake for heart and kidney disease patients. There are extremely few side effects associated with the consumption of these mineral waters.


    The value of Shayan waters are:
  • removing the negative impact of stress on the body;
  • reducing the pressure in the duodenum;
  • regulating the acid-forming function of the stomach;
  • improving the outflow of digestive juice from the pancreas;
  • presence of silicon and magnesium provides a diuretic effect.

Mineral water is used for inhalations, hydro massage of gums, in the form of micro clysters for the treatment of diseases of the rectum and sigmoid colon and for irrigation of the intestines, therapeutic mineral baths.


  • Functional intestinal disorders;
  • Chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis;
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis);
  • Metabolic disorders (gout);
  • Mild and moderate diabetes;
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome.


Mineral water "Shayan-242" – is a carbon dioxide, siliceous, small mineralization, hydro carbonate-sodium, weakly acidic and cold. It can be bought on the territory of Ukraine under the name "Arkhyz", Zavetnaya ".


Mineral water "Shayan-4" – has properties like being carbonic, siliceous, contains hydro carbonate calcium-sodium, magnesium, weakly acidic and cold as well. It is not available for mass sale, as once it leaves the source; it loses its properties in a few hours.