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Sleep on the bee hives

In case of early departure, or in case the Guest did not use the services provided, included in the tour price, the tour cost is not recalculated, the funds are not returned.


Sleeping over bee hives is a rest on a special sunbed, under which beehives with bees are placed.


The person lies down and falls asleep, inhaling the healing air diverging from the hives.


The design of the couch protects the rest from the bites of bees, without disturbing the habitual way of the life of the insects.


Sleeping on beehives with bees is aimed at the prevention of a wide range of diseases:


It beneficially affects the heart and blood vessels. It helps to normalize blood pressure, and eliminate blood circulation disorders, relieving stagnation and edema.


Has a curative effect on the respiratory tract. Clears the bronchi, relieves spasms and facilitates the withdrawal of phlegm. Reduces the likelihood of tuberculosis.


Restores and accelerates metabolism. Normalizing the metabolism, sleeping over the hives allows you to cleanse the body of toxins, get rid of excess weight and a tendency to overeating.


Positively affects the work of the reproductive system, relieves anxiety caused by problems with the genitourinary system.


It inhibits the aging process. Sleep treatment on bee hives serves as a preventative measure against age-related musculoskeletal and cardiovascular diseases.


Restores vitality, eliminating the feeling of fatigue. It leads to a normal state of the nervous system, removing the effects of stress and tension. The buzzing of bees introduces a meditative state, facilitating the transition from wakefulness to sleep.


Strengthens the immune system and treats viral diseases. Scientists have long proven the sterility of hives, provided propolis. Sleeping on the hives eliminates the symptoms of ARVI and ARD, disinfecting the body, and stimulating the production of cells of the immune system.


Helps to restore the body after surgery, comprehensively affecting its condition. Reduces the risk of oncological diseases.


Sleeping on hives has some contraindications: individual intolerance to any bees, mental disorders, allergies to bites, exacerbation of chronic diseases.


Therapy is not recommended for people in a state of intoxication, and after one-time medication.