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The mountain of goverla

The real natural ornament of both the Ukrainian Carpathians and the whole of Ukraine is the mountain range of Chernogor, which includes the highest point of Ukraine - Mount Hoverla (2,061 m). The Chernogor ridge is the main landscape component and a popular excursion site of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is visited by thousands of tourists, climbers and scientists from many countries of the world.


The mountain has a regular pyramidal shape. On translation from Hungarian this name means "snow mountain". The top of it is really snowy. And the weather here is often changing: the snow on Goverla in the summer is not uncommon. On the slopes of the mountain there are forms of Pleistocene glaciation, rockfalls. There are snow avalanches. Covered by alpine meadows, shrubs, here and there - stone screes. At the foot is a waterfall. The summit of Goverla is a small flat area, which gives a unique opportunity to admire the surrounding landscape in a 360 ° radius. From the top of Goverla, the entire Montenegrin mountain range, which extends from here to the southeast, is perfectly visible. The combination of green and blue shades of remote Carpathian ranges leaves an unforgettable impression in the memory of people who visited Goverla. From here one can clearly see many mountain villages, streams, lakes, and also trails fanning down from the mountains.


In addition to Hoverla, there are four more peaks here: Chernaya Gora (2028 m), Petros (2020 m), Gutin Tomnatik (2013 m), Rib (2002 m).