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Castle “palanok”

A lonely mountain rises in the southwestern part of Mukachevo. The top of the mountain looks like a crown because of the towers of an ancient castle. In Ukraine, you can rarely find places like this.


Palanok castle survived hundreds of storms and sieges. It has changed owners many times. Princes and kings, counts and barons, all sought to own it.  This castle has been used as the royal residence, princely mansions, and the capital of the rebellious Transylvania. It has also been the center of the Hungarian uprisings against the Austrians, as well as an Austrian outpost, the repository of the holy crown, and a harsh political prison.


Years, events, people have left a mark on the modern look of the castle, which is located on a volcanic mountain measuring 68-meter in height. From a distance, it looks like a monolithic small stone structure, and from a close look, it is a cascade of terraces with diverse structures - walls, towers, houses. The total area of the castle is fourteen thousand square meters. The castle received a modern look in the early XVII century, when the construction of all four terraces of the Castle Hill was completed. All this is surrounded by dry moats, 10-12 meters deep and stonewalls of 3-3.5 meters thickness.


Around the Castle Hill in the XVI century was dug a water ditch, reinforced with oak palisade - palankom. The modern name of the castle is from this palanka name (but the ditch and palisade have been destroyed a long time ago). The reason for the appearance of the castle was an advantageous strategic position on the path of nomadic tribes (first Ugrians, then Polovtsians). The raids of the nomads were repeated very often.


Now Mukachevo Castle is a restored medieval fortress. There are: a historical museum, an art gallery with an exhibition of contemporary painters, an art salon, an exhibition "Wooden churches of Transcarpathia". There are cozy coffee houses in the castle, which cordially meet visitors - Ukrainian and foreign tourists.